Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 1 : HTN (Wednesday)

Breakfast 8.30am :
2 piece of selfmade sardine sandwich with salad
Plain water - 250ml/a glass

Lunch 1.00pm :
A bowl of YONG TAU FO soup
Plain water - 250ml/a glass

Meeting's munchies 2.30-6.00pm:
A small plate of fruities
A cup of hot nescaffe
Plain water - 500ml/2 glasses

Dinner :
To be decide later..(post written at 8.15pm..still not hungry maaa)
Maybe 4-5 pieces of chicken nugget
A glass of orrange sunquick (the sejuk one..hiks)
Plain water

* pelajari pengiraan kalori
** HTN(hari tanpa nasik) or HTK(hari tanpa kanji).. :-)

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