Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hectic Weekend..

@Memori Corner - 10pm
What we had :-
- Chicken Chop
- Onion Rings
- Vege Roll
- Ice Blended Cappucino

Reward to self
Had a makan-makan session with adik at MEMORY CORNER
A cosy cafe with unique Interior Design

Ooh ya, saya mmg teruja dengan ID (kwang kwang kwang)
Esp yg related to modern contemporary
Dengan suntikan ciri-ciri kemelayuan, kayu kayan, hehehe..
Sungguh tenang mata memandang
Sunguh sejuk hati di dalam
Sungguh dapat merelease tekanan
:-) and i was making the right choice by dinner dining in here

After a hectic & tiring day at office on Thaipusam Day
Unproductive day at office
Tapi k.pinut ckp.."takpe, kehadiran semua orang ibarat memberi moral support for each other..semua orang menyumbang tenaga/idea"

I was on standby mode for mass production of Annual Report 2009
Waiting for K.Shim, K.Pinut & Pn Aizah finalizing the master copy
While the other team, QA/QC team..We have MS Choo, Enzul..
Oh, mereka sungguh dedeciated
I'm really impress of their spirit n teamwork
Not forgeting our beloved Director of the Division
Who will always 'turun padang' & gave her full guidance
as well as moral support

The master copy then was ready by 9.00pm
So, we decided to start the printing work only on Sunday morning
As the rest of the printing team (ida, k.ros, zaza) had already off to home at 6pm)
Just me + K.pinut (penat la dah nak start print malam2 gini. hehehe)
Not forgeting our supportive junior technition...Aus (thanks bro)
Jadi, kita save ENERGY..Mental..untuk kerja2 printing esok yer

Hopefully all can be done & finish by tomorrow
& Tak perlu lagi kerja on MONDAY (cuti HARI WILAYAH tau..hehehe)


cikbibcome said...

yes ana, work hard today so that esok you guys can have a rest...good luck

DJari-Hana said...

Cik Bib, we managed to finish the printing jobs by 5.30pm on MONDAY!! hehehehe. Ahad still x jalan, still ada editing part yang tak settle.